On Equality and Equity

Two pictures are side by side, in one, a tall person, a person of medium height, and a short person all stand on one box each to watch a baseball game. In the second, the tall person has no box, the person of medium height has one box and the short person has two boxes, enabling all of them to see over the fence.

Welcome to the final Moral Guillotine of the decade! I will be taking some time off in December and the beginning of January to rest & refresh (but I'll still be taking blog post suggestions during this time if you come across some especially sticky moral debate during the holiday season). Today, I want to… Continue reading On Equality and Equity

Good Things for Bad People

A question that has been coming up a lot in Moral Guillotines requests in various forms these days can boiled down to: when do we have to do good things for bad people? If we ourselves are good people, what are the limits we are allowed to place on our goodness, especially when others take… Continue reading Good Things for Bad People

Sanctions, Social Media, and the Workplace

A person holds a cellphone with many small images on it in front of a computer

As a person who grew up in the burgeoning age of the internet (no, I do not remember AOL, yes, I do remember dial-up and MSN Messenger), I can't remember a point in my life when I wasn't told that the internet was forever. I knew from the moment I got Facebook at 12 (of… Continue reading Sanctions, Social Media, and the Workplace

AI Bias in Healthcare

A man in a doctor's coat and a man in a business suit stand in front of a window. Both are looking at a third party who is off screen.

I've talked about AI Ethics in the past- about how AI is not unbaised, but rather takes our biases and amplifies them, because AI and ML (Machine Learning) algorithms must be programmed in the first place. They centralize decision making, and create "black boxes" that are often unparseable to their users. Even proliferation of bias in… Continue reading AI Bias in Healthcare

Microaggressions by the Marginalized

A man and woman argue in a park. The man is angry, the woman seems incredulous. Both are using their hands to express their conflict.

I've written in the past about microaggressions and the types of collective responsibilities they entail. These last few semesters, I've been able to take what I did in that previous blog post and really dig into the philosophy of these things and understand how social epistemologists and ethicists think about microaggressions. One of the really… Continue reading Microaggressions by the Marginalized

The Federal Election: A Retrospective

As a disclaimer, today's blog is not going to be about philosophy, but rather a retrospective on the recent Canadian Federal Election and some of my thoughts on the matter. Last night, the election was a dubious celebration- primarily because we won't be facing 4 years of conservatives in power federally as well as provincially… Continue reading The Federal Election: A Retrospective

Reproduction at the End of the World?

It's election season in Canada. The memory of last year's storms and wildfires are strong. Finally, a young, white climate activist has come to visit us and to tell us that we simply aren't doing enough in regards to climate change. Think-pieces are appearing in the news around individuals who are choosing to not have… Continue reading Reproduction at the End of the World?

Standards of Living and Resource Allocation

Two giant steaming pots of soup are in the foreground, with a counter and a man standing in the left corner in the background.

When I solicit prompts for blogs here at Moral Guillotines, I get interesting and sometimes heartbreaking stories of individuals who want to do the right thing, but are unsure of what it is, or if it is enough, for instance, this: "One of my flatmates volunteers at a local men’s shelter and we’ve been puzzling… Continue reading Standards of Living and Resource Allocation

Morality and Clothing

Four girls in school uniforms stand outside under a tree. Behind them is a chain link fence. The girl second to the right holds a guitar and the other girls listen while she plays.

One of the aspects of our sexist society that seems to be slowly changing is the issue of dress codes in schools. More and more, institutions are starting to recognize that dress codes that enforce rules like "no shorts shorter than your fingertips," and "straps must be three finger widths thick" are sexist for a… Continue reading Morality and Clothing

Addressing Bias in Hiring Practices

A man and a woman shake hands over some cups of coffee

Sometimes, I solicit ethical questions from friends and readers to address here at Moral Guillotines. Today, I wanted to consider the following: "My workplace is one of those equal opportunity places. And yet I systematically see either implicit bias or regular garden variety bias playing a role in hiring decisions. It is usually disguised as… Continue reading Addressing Bias in Hiring Practices