Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

As we all know by now, context is important to our moral judgements. We usually cannot know what a morally right or wrong action is without examining context, and an action that is morally right in one context may be wrong in another and vice-versa. Usually, in these cases what I'm talking about is a… Continue reading Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts


Living in a Simulation

Last week I talked about some of the interesting ways our paradigms ethical and otherwise, might need to shift given innovations in technology. The Worry But I've had some people ask me, what if there is no paradigm shift? What if we already live in a simulation? For me, this question feels old & stale.… Continue reading Living in a Simulation

Sexual Orientation & Technology

I am queer. I am an openly bi/pansexual woman, though due to my current relationship I pass as straight. My sexual orientation is important to me, and I feel incredibly lucky that I am aware of it despite society's heteronormativity because it gives me the ability to appreciate the romantic and sexual potential of all… Continue reading Sexual Orientation & Technology

Holding Robots to Higher Standards

By now, you have probably all heard about the first pedestrian death caused by a self-driving car. It happened last week and let's just say that everyone is now a reactionary. The Reactions In response to this fatality a number of things happened. Uber pulled their other self-driving cars from cities around the world. People are… Continue reading Holding Robots to Higher Standards

Generating AI Values and Norms

I was recently recommended the following request for input* on the ethical design of AI systems and various corollary technologies. Some of the things that are included in this treatise (and it is well worth the read!) are things that I've talked about before: accountability, transparency, bias, etc. However, one of the really interesting ideas… Continue reading Generating AI Values and Norms

Anticipating Challenges: The Ethics of Deepfake Revenge Porn

Ethical questions are by their very nature intersectional questions. They ask us to consider contexts, think about  a wide range of outcomes and implications, and require a deep understanding of predictive thinking which usually involves consultation with expert sources on the subject. Today, I have a whammy of an intersectional ethical problem for you in… Continue reading Anticipating Challenges: The Ethics of Deepfake Revenge Porn

Algorithmic Accountability

In this past I've raised flags about the many of the true issues that make algorithms and AI potentially harmful and therefore, ethically contentious. Luckily, I'm not the only one who has started to notice these issues. For example, the city of New York is taking a stance on the algorithms its government uses in… Continue reading Algorithmic Accountability

AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

An ethics report was recently published by the AI Now Institute looking at some of the ethical problems that still exist with AI, which are not being considered by tech companies, nor enforced by governmental agents. The paper divides the ethical issues caused by the proliferation of AI into 4 broad categories: Labor and Automation, Bias… Continue reading AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

The Slippery Slope of Privacy?

The story goes like this: After a mysterious death, a mother looks to electronic records of her son's life for answers. To do so, she has requested his passwords and data from tech giants such as Facebook,  Apple, and Google, as well as his mobile provider Bell Mobility, so that she can unlock whatever secrets… Continue reading The Slippery Slope of Privacy?

Transhumanism, Athletic Performance, and Fairness

On September 29th, 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency added gene editing to the list of banned techniques. The World Anti-Doping Agency is one of the major bodies that prescribes the list of banned substances and techniques for athletes that athletes must abstain from or risk losing their status or eligibility for competitions which are integral… Continue reading Transhumanism, Athletic Performance, and Fairness