Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

As we all know by now, context is important to our moral judgements. We usually cannot know what a morally right or wrong action is without examining context, and an action that is morally right in one context may be wrong in another and vice-versa. Usually, in these cases what I'm talking about is a… Continue reading Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts


Consent & Power Dynamics

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Moral Guillotines: where everything is terrible all the time! Oh wait, that's just this planet. Whoops. So, in the past I've delved a little into what I termed "sexthics," but today I wanted to get more specific. In particular, I want to talk about something that some people (read:… Continue reading Consent & Power Dynamics

A Year in Review

Welcome to Moral Guillotines. This week marks the 1yr. anniversary of announcing and starting this project, and I have had so much fun. In the past year, I have written 47 articles on various topics in philosophy, but primarily ethics. I've talked about current affairs, how philosophy impacts my own life, and more. And the… Continue reading A Year in Review

Is Pain Necessary?

As you might know by now, cyborgs & prosthesis ethics are kind of my thing. So when I saw this article last week, I paid attention. Essentially, its a report (and questioning of why this would be researched in the first place) on new prosthesis that can feel pain. Developments in prosthesis are happening all… Continue reading Is Pain Necessary?

The Marketplace of Ideas

Last week was a downer (sorry guys). But the world keeps on turning, and I keep on writing, so here we are again. In the past, I've talked about aspects of freedom of speech, and the possible consequences of shunning certain speech. *Which, by the way, when someone shuns your speech or disallows you a… Continue reading The Marketplace of Ideas

When the Whole World is Drowning

So, the world is a trashfire. I mean, it seems like its been that way for a while, but in recent weeks the flames just keep getting hotter and closer to home. It seems like people are caring less and less about morality, and less and less about each other. Hannah Arednt wrote about the… Continue reading When the Whole World is Drowning

The Morality of Voting

So this is a couple weeks late, but I have feelings about the recent Ontario election. This isn't the place for them though. You can read them here instead. What I am going to talk about here is ethics & moral philosophy, because that's what this place is for. Now, I heard and saw a… Continue reading The Morality of Voting

The Problem of Consequences

Our understanding of morality often comes out of certain intuitions that we have, but this is problematic when our intuitions differ, or when we are not actually aware of what our true intuitions are. Some of these problems can be solved by theĀ  field of moral psychology, where empirical studies are undertaken to attempt to… Continue reading The Problem of Consequences


So, today is going to be a fun post. Last weekend, I was at the Embodiment in Science Fiction and Fantasy conference at McMaster University. I presented a paper that was based off this blog post and it went over really well! I also read some poetry from the other side of my writing life… Continue reading ZOMG ZOMBIES

Why Ethics =/= Legality

Should I refrain from doing something if the law tells me to? What if the law is wrong? Legality and morality are commonly conflated, leading to confusion over moral issues, and what is expected of the law. Individuals will question why something is morally wrong if it is legally allowed. For example, eating factory-farmed meat… Continue reading Why Ethics =/= Legality