The Mere-Difference View of Disability

A man on forearm crutches kicks a soccer ball while others on a field look on

Disclaimer: *This blog post, like Barnes' book, is only about people with physical disabilities. Since its' harder to convince people we can have reliable testimony from people with neurodiversities and mental disabilities, this is a smaller scoped thing, although there are many people with certain types of neurodiversities that are not hugely debilitating that would… Continue reading The Mere-Difference View of Disability

Reproduction at the End of the World?

It's election season in Canada. The memory of last year's storms and wildfires are strong. Finally, a young, white climate activist has come to visit us and to tell us that we simply aren't doing enough in regards to climate change. Think-pieces are appearing in the news around individuals who are choosing to not have… Continue reading Reproduction at the End of the World?

The Ethics of Leisure

A woman relaxed with a cup of tea, in a sculpture of two hands set against a background of sky above a countryside below.

One of the biggest debates in philosophy is whether or not philosophers should be concerned primarily with ideal or non-ideal theories. Ideal theories are those theories which assume that the world in which we should build our philosophical theories is not this world, but rather some other world which is not troubled by facts about for example,… Continue reading The Ethics of Leisure

A Gift to You

Welcome to the final Moral Guillotines of 2018! I'll be taking December off, for myself and for my creative writing, and resume again on January 1st. This year has been pretty exciting for me- I've started my Ph.D, ramped up my involvement in the SFF community, and started teaching aerials part-time (both because I enjoy… Continue reading A Gift to You

Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

As we all know by now, context is important to our moral judgements. We usually cannot know what a morally right or wrong action is without examining context, and an action that is morally right in one context may be wrong in another and vice-versa. Usually, in these cases what I'm talking about is a… Continue reading Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

The Problem of Consequences

Our understanding of morality often comes out of certain intuitions that we have, but this is problematic when our intuitions differ, or when we are not actually aware of what our true intuitions are. Some of these problems can be solved by the  field of moral psychology, where empirical studies are undertaken to attempt to… Continue reading The Problem of Consequences

Making Philosophy Accessible

Welcome, all. Today's post is going to be a little different from what you're used to, because today I am not going to teach you about philosophy. Instead, I'm going to talk about what philosophers can do to make philosophy accessible to non-academics. Why? Because I think philosophy is important, and because I think the… Continue reading Making Philosophy Accessible