AI Bias in Healthcare

A man in a doctor's coat and a man in a business suit stand in front of a window. Both are looking at a third party who is off screen.

I've talked about AI Ethics in the past- about how AI is not unbaised, but rather takes our biases and amplifies them, because AI and ML (Machine Learning) algorithms must be programmed in the first place.¬†They centralize decision making, and create "black boxes" that are often unparseable to their users. Even proliferation of bias in… Continue reading AI Bias in Healthcare

Addressing Bias in Hiring Practices

A man and a woman shake hands over some cups of coffee

Sometimes, I solicit ethical questions from friends and readers to address here at Moral Guillotines. Today, I wanted to consider the following: "My workplace is one of those equal opportunity places. And yet I systematically see either implicit bias or regular garden variety bias playing a role in hiring decisions. It is usually disguised as… Continue reading Addressing Bias in Hiring Practices

AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

An ethics report was recently published by the AI Now Institute looking at some of the ethical problems that still exist with AI, which are not being considered by tech companies, nor enforced by governmental agents. The paper divides the ethical issues caused by the proliferation of AI into 4 broad categories:¬†Labor and Automation, Bias… Continue reading AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias