Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

As we all know by now, context is important to our moral judgements. We usually cannot know what a morally right or wrong action is without examining context, and an action that is morally right in one context may be wrong in another and vice-versa. Usually, in these cases what I'm talking about is a… Continue reading Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

What is a Moral Guillotine?

Welcome back! After a tumultuous December filled with volcanoes, turtles, family, and festivities, it's time to get back to the important things in life- the examination of philosophical ideas. (JK, the other things are important too, after all, I don't really believe that philosophical questions come from the vacuum of the mind). So, without further… Continue reading What is a Moral Guillotine?

Rice Pile Ethics

Recently, I've talked a fair amount about Slippery Slope arguments- when they are fallacies, when they are not, and how the reasoning works. In formal logic, slippery slope arguments look a lot like this: P1: (A -> B) P2: (B -> C) P3: (C -> D) P4: ~D C: ~A Each premise along the way… Continue reading Rice Pile Ethics

AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

An ethics report was recently published by the AI Now Institute looking at some of the ethical problems that still exist with AI, which are not being considered by tech companies, nor enforced by governmental agents. The paper divides the ethical issues caused by the proliferation of AI into 4 broad categories:┬áLabor and Automation, Bias… Continue reading AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

Duties of Knowledge

One of the things I love most about philosophy, and in particular ethics, is that philosophy is the study of everything. When you study philosophy you can study History, English, Science, Math, Language, Politics, Law, and probably literally everything else you can think of. I think this situates philosophy as a uniquely versatile and intersectional… Continue reading Duties of Knowledge

When Freedom is not Free

We've been talking a lot about freedom, whether or not freedom exists, the freedom to exercise one's autonomy, and to be free from paternalistic influences. I've argued in the past that generally speaking individuals should be able to choose the way their lives go, even if others don't agree with their choices, and even if… Continue reading When Freedom is not Free