On Epistemic Humility and Privilege

"All I know that I know nothing" - Socrates We don't know what we don't know. Our world, as small as it seems somedays, is still full of unknown gaps. I've written before about our duties to acquire knowledge, and why those duties are are something that we must take seriously, but in the face of… Continue reading On Epistemic Humility and Privilege

Morally Grey Contexts & Policy Implications

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you all the ideas of moral and immoral contexts. The idea that sometimes we live in a society in which does not punish immoral behavior, and sometimes we live in a society that does. But we can imagine a third kind of context- a context where ostensibly our society punishes… Continue reading Morally Grey Contexts & Policy Implications

Duties at the End of the World

You might have realized by now that I am a weird person who thinks about strange things. From some of my other articles you might also have deduced that I am a rabid feminist, and personally do not want to reproduce, in addition to being pro-choice. These characteristics all came together and led me to… Continue reading Duties at the End of the World

CRISPR: Weighing Unknown Outcomes

A few weeks ago, this position paper was published by The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Workgroup on Human Germline Genome Editing on the subject of human germline editing. Germline editing, made (possibly) easy with CRISPR Cas9 technology, raises new ethical dilemmas about the way we interact with reproduction, disability, and genetic destinies. Some of… Continue reading CRISPR: Weighing Unknown Outcomes

Transhumanism and the End of Human Dignity

"When we say “the world has ended,” it’s usually a lie, because the planet is just fine." -N.K. Jemesin Spoiler Alert: The world is not ending. Sure, climate change is coming, gay marriage has already happened, there is a child with 3 biological parents. But the world is not ending, at least not immediately, and… Continue reading Transhumanism and the End of Human Dignity