Standards of Living and Resource Allocation

Two giant steaming pots of soup are in the foreground, with a counter and a man standing in the left corner in the background.

When I solicit prompts for blogs here at Moral Guillotines, I get interesting and sometimes heartbreaking stories of individuals who want to do the right thing, but are unsure of what it is, or if it is enough, for instance, this: "One of my flatmates volunteers at a local men’s shelter and we’ve been puzzling… Continue reading Standards of Living and Resource Allocation

On the Permissibility of Violence

In general, we think that violence is a bad thing. We think that we should not wage wars, we should not injure people, and we should not say mean-spirited things. This is because all these things are acts of violence on various scales, and because acts of violence cause harm to others, and sometimes, also… Continue reading On the Permissibility of Violence

Duties to Acquire Knowledge 2.0

Many moons ago now, I wrote this little piece, on a few reasons why I think we have a moral duty to acquire knowledge. Right now, I'm writing a paper on this, so I have fleshed out some of my ideas, and have a few more. Here they are: Insufficiency of Moral Testimony Some people may… Continue reading Duties to Acquire Knowledge 2.0

Living in a Simulation

Last week I talked about some of the interesting ways our paradigms ethical and otherwise, might need to shift given innovations in technology. The Worry But I've had some people ask me, what if there is no paradigm shift? What if we already live in a simulation? For me, this question feels old & stale.… Continue reading Living in a Simulation

On Teaching Morality

What were your first lessons in morality? Perhaps it was your mother scolding you against hitting a sibling. Perhaps it was a teacher in kindergarten, entreating you to share your toys. It is likely, that you do not even remember your first lesson in morality. It is even more likely that whatever lesson you did… Continue reading On Teaching Morality

Sexthical Theories

Okay, you got me. I am a human being who is generally aware of trends, news cycles, and hawt topics of the day. However, I am also a sex-positive woman, and an ethicist and so today I'm gonna throw my #metoo hat into the ring and we are going to talk about sex and ethics.… Continue reading Sexthical Theories