Addressing Bias in Hiring Practices

A man and a woman shake hands over some cups of coffee

Sometimes, I solicit ethical questions from friends and readers to address here at Moral Guillotines. Today, I wanted to consider the following: "My workplace is one of those equal opportunity places. And yet I systematically see either implicit bias or regular garden variety bias playing a role in hiring decisions. It is usually disguised as… Continue reading Addressing Bias in Hiring Practices

Safety vs. Non-Discrimination: We can have both!

A needle is drawing blood from an arm on a pink blanket. The arm has a yellow rubber tourniquet on it.

As per the regular news cycle, recently in Canada there have been renewed calls for the blood donation process to be less discriminatory towards the LGTBQ+ community. A few weeks ago a non-binary person came forward with a story about being refused as a donor (unless they were willing to disclose their entire medical history)… Continue reading Safety vs. Non-Discrimination: We can have both!

Fitbits, Insurance, and Discrimination

So, I woke up this morning to this lovely article from CBC detailing how the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is looking into using FitBit trackers to incentivise workers into healthy activities as a means to cut healthcare insurance costs. Now, this, when I read it was shocking and appalling and OBVIOUSLY TERRIBLE, but apparently the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT… Continue reading Fitbits, Insurance, and Discrimination

Sexual Orientation & Technology

I am queer. I am an openly bi/pansexual woman, though due to my current relationship I pass as straight. My sexual orientation is important to me, and I feel incredibly lucky that I am aware of it despite society's heteronormativity because it gives me the ability to appreciate the romantic and sexual potential of all… Continue reading Sexual Orientation & Technology

Rice Pile Ethics

Recently, I've talked a fair amount about Slippery Slope arguments- when they are fallacies, when they are not, and how the reasoning works. In formal logic, slippery slope arguments look a lot like this: P1: (A -> B) P2: (B -> C) P3: (C -> D) P4: ~D C: ~A Each premise along the way… Continue reading Rice Pile Ethics

Dirty Little Secrets: How paranoia about the risks of technology reveals our existing prejudices

So you may have realized by now, but one of the things I find most fascinating about ethics is not just high-level discussion about how we value things, or what we should value, but also how we apply those values and make decisions about things we haven't had enough time to make informed moral opinions about.… Continue reading Dirty Little Secrets: How paranoia about the risks of technology reveals our existing prejudices