When Parental Rights End aka. Keep the New Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum

It seems to be a commonly known fact that Western society (and in particular, the USA), hates children. Recently, I have also seen push-back against feminists like myself, who say they hate children. However, in my experience these are two very different types of hatred. My hatred is personal. I think children are sticky and… Continue reading When Parental Rights End aka. Keep the New Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum


On Teaching Morality

What were your first lessons in morality? Perhaps it was your mother scolding you against hitting a sibling. Perhaps it was a teacher in kindergarten, entreating you to share your toys. It is likely, that you do not even remember your first lesson in morality. It is even more likely that whatever lesson you did… Continue reading On Teaching Morality

The Ethics of a PhD

As some of you may know, I have decided to go back to school to get my PhD come September. This is a decision that I have made with a probably abnormal level of research & consideration. In my research I have found several arguments stating that you shouldn't do a PhD usually for one… Continue reading The Ethics of a PhD