On Equality and Equity

Two pictures are side by side, in one, a tall person, a person of medium height, and a short person all stand on one box each to watch a baseball game. In the second, the tall person has no box, the person of medium height has one box and the short person has two boxes, enabling all of them to see over the fence.

Welcome to the final Moral Guillotine of the decade! I will be taking some time off in December and the beginning of January to rest & refresh (but I'll still be taking blog post suggestions during this time if you come across some especially sticky moral debate during the holiday season). Today, I want to… Continue reading On Equality and Equity

Comments on a National Pharmacare Strategy

Hello ghouls and ghosties, welcome to October! My life is a little crazy right now between the PhD, and upcoming travel for some writerly related appearances, more on that on my other blog, if you're interested. As a result, this week instead of a traditional blog, I'm posting the comments I provided to the Government… Continue reading Comments on a National Pharmacare Strategy

AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

An ethics report was recently published by the AI Now Institute looking at some of the ethical problems that still exist with AI, which are not being considered by tech companies, nor enforced by governmental agents. The paper divides the ethical issues caused by the proliferation of AI into 4 broad categories:┬áLabor and Automation, Bias… Continue reading AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias