When Freedom is not Free

We've been talking a lot about freedom, whether or not freedom exists, the freedom to exercise one's autonomy, and to be free from paternalistic influences. I've argued in the past that generally speaking individuals should be able to choose the way their lives go, even if others don't agree with their choices, and even if… Continue reading When Freedom is not Free

Compatibalism (OR: How to still blame Villains with Bad Childhoods)

It is a common plot. Voldemort turned to forbidden magic because of his Slytherin genealogy, because his mother abandoned him, because he was raised in an orphanage. Anakin became Darth Vader because he wanted to save his wife and child. Oedipus accidentally married his mother and killed his father because he was the victim of… Continue reading Compatibalism (OR: How to still blame Villains with Bad Childhoods)