Nudging and Social Media

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In the past, I've talked about "Nudging" and how it relates to paternalism. As a brief rundown, "nudging" (or libertarian paternalism)¬† is the idea that we can change people's behaviors using "choice architecture" and other psychological tricks to do what we want them to do. In public health, this might look like making healthier choices… Continue reading Nudging and Social Media

When Uncertainty Cuts Both Ways

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Currently, I am in the throes of my research area on The Epistemology of Ignorance. I've written before about duties we have to acquire knowledge, and what sorts of knowledge is ethically salient. However, in many cases we simply cannot have perfect knowledge, and so, we arrive at a state of uncertainty... or do we?… Continue reading When Uncertainty Cuts Both Ways

The Ethics of Compromise

Welcome back to Moral Guillotines, and to 2019. The world is still a trashfire. BUT it is at least still a trashfire in interesting, philosophically relevant ways, which is something. Today, I was prompted to explore an area of ethics that I will call the ethics of compromise/negotiation. This is for a number of politically… Continue reading The Ethics of Compromise

Transparency vs. Privacy

I just got back from an amazing week of travel, including attending Can*Con 2018, an amazing conference for Science Fiction and Fantasy in Ottawa, ON. This conference was my first time as a panelist, and even though I was there as a writer, a lot of what I spoke on was philosophy (this con likes… Continue reading Transparency vs. Privacy

Why Ethics =/= Legality

Should I refrain from doing something if the law tells me to? What if the law is wrong? Legality and morality are commonly conflated, leading to confusion over moral issues, and what is expected of the law. Individuals will question why something is morally wrong if it is legally allowed. For example, eating factory-farmed meat… Continue reading Why Ethics =/= Legality


All issues touch each of us in some way- if only indirectly, or if only because you alone are exempt from the consequences. Ethics and philosophy necessarily arise as a result of the questions that simply come upon us as we live our lives. They are the answer to the story- the teleology behind the… Continue reading Ungovernable

Beyond Treatment

There is a tendency in our culture to categorize issues and fit them into neat little boxes. For example, poverty is a social issue, or it is an issue of individuals being lazy, incompetent, or having some other character flaw which entails that they deserve to suffer. On the flip side, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. are… Continue reading Beyond Treatment

Moral Philosophy and Cats Pt. 2: Schroedinger’s Paternalism

Today, we are not going to be talking about cats¬†(Sorry guys!). Instead, we are going to be talking about paternalism, and ways of being paternalistic (perhaps while not being paternalistic at the same time!). One of the reasons I shied away from making any sweeping statements about the nature and permissability of paternalism when discussing… Continue reading Moral Philosophy and Cats Pt. 2: Schroedinger’s Paternalism