Beyond Judgement

For many, the idea of morality or moral philosophy is used as a carrot and a stick, a means with which to reward people who do good with praise, and to punish people who do badly with criticism. We often will conflate actions with persons, equating people who do bad things with people who are… Continue reading Beyond Judgement

Morally Grey Contexts & Policy Implications

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you all the ideas of moral and immoral contexts.┬áThe idea that sometimes we live in a society in which does not punish immoral behavior, and sometimes we live in a society that does. But we can imagine a third kind of context- a context where ostensibly our society punishes… Continue reading Morally Grey Contexts & Policy Implications

Why Ethics =/= Legality

Should I refrain from doing something if the law tells me to? What if the law is wrong? Legality and morality are commonly conflated, leading to confusion over moral issues, and what is expected of the law. Individuals will question why something is morally wrong if it is legally allowed. For example, eating factory-farmed meat… Continue reading Why Ethics =/= Legality