Transparency vs. Privacy

I just got back from an amazing week of travel, including attending Can*Con 2018, an amazing conference for Science Fiction and Fantasy in Ottawa, ON. This conference was my first time as a panelist, and even though I was there as a writer, a lot of what I spoke on was philosophy (this con likes… Continue reading Transparency vs. Privacy


Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

As we all know by now, context is important to our moral judgements. We usually cannot know what a morally right or wrong action is without examining context, and an action that is morally right in one context may be wrong in another and vice-versa. Usually, in these cases what I'm talking about is a… Continue reading Moral Contexts vs. Immoral Contexts

Ethics of Language

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post that touched on some LGTBQ+ issues, and used terminology like bisexual and pansexual. I used them interchangeably because many people believe they are interchangeable, and that the definition of bisexual is attracted to two or more genders, while pansexual means that you are attracted to people regardless… Continue reading Ethics of Language

Sexual Orientation & Technology

I am queer. I am an openly bi/pansexual woman, though due to my current relationship I pass as straight. My sexual orientation is important to me, and I feel incredibly lucky that I am aware of it despite society's heteronormativity because it gives me the ability to appreciate the romantic and sexual potential of all… Continue reading Sexual Orientation & Technology

Dirty Little Secrets: How paranoia about the risks of technology reveals our existing prejudices

So you may have realized by now, but one of the things I find most fascinating about ethics is not just high-level discussion about how we value things, or what we should value, but also how we apply those values and make decisions about things we haven't had enough time to make informed moral opinions about.… Continue reading Dirty Little Secrets: How paranoia about the risks of technology reveals our existing prejudices