The Next Digital Economy? 3 Blockchain Related Ethical Issues we Need to Tackle First

In Policy Horizons Canada's new Economic Futures: The Next Digital Economy white paper, Blockchain is identified as one of 9 key technologies that will cause disruption to the economy, labour force, and ways in which individuals interact with businesses. Blockchain is lucrative. It's flashy. Even Facebook has one now! Whether or not you think it's… Continue reading The Next Digital Economy? 3 Blockchain Related Ethical Issues we Need to Tackle First


Ethics, Health, and Weight: 2 Stories

Story 1 I have a complicated relationship with my body. I would say that generally speaking, I am of an average size and shape, and I certainly would never call myself fat in the earshot of another. Nonetheless, every time I visit my family doctor and step on the scale, my doctor frowns, looks at… Continue reading Ethics, Health, and Weight: 2 Stories

On the Permissibility of Violence

In general, we think that violence is a bad thing. We think that we should not wage wars, we should not injure people, and we should not say mean-spirited things. This is because all these things are acts of violence on various scales, and because acts of violence cause harm to others, and sometimes, also… Continue reading On the Permissibility of Violence

How to Promote Autonomy

In the past, I've discussed a number of issues related to paternalism, autonomy, and end-of-life decision making. These are all challenging subjects, where determinations need to be made by individuals and their families, as well as by governments about what sorts of decisions should be made available to people, and what decisions individuals can make… Continue reading How to Promote Autonomy

Separating the Art from the Artist

So today, I want to talk about what our ethical duties are in relation to the consumption, promotion, and enjoyment of art. This post is by special request, but I think it's an important topic, and a timely one. Though I haven't seen it yet, and likely won't, the debate over whether or not we… Continue reading Separating the Art from the Artist

Beyond Judgement

For many, the idea of morality or moral philosophy is used as a carrot and a stick, a means with which to reward people who do good with praise, and to punish people who do badly with criticism. We often will conflate actions with persons, equating people who do bad things with people who are… Continue reading Beyond Judgement

On the Demandingness of Morality

In the past I have written two posts about some of the duties we have that go along with being moral individuals, in particular, the duties we have to acquire knowledge. In ethics, we can talk about different types of moral actions. Usually these types of actions are: required (must do), permissible (can do), impermissible (can't… Continue reading On the Demandingness of Morality

Truth in Context

One of the most basic moral concepts that children are taught from a young age is that "lying is wrong", of course, we see as we age that lying is completely social acceptable, and at times socially required. As moral philosophers, we understand that we should lie if it will protect someone from bodily harm,… Continue reading Truth in Context

Duties to Acquire Knowledge 2.0

Many moons ago now, I wrote this little piece, on a few reasons why I think we have a moral duty to acquire knowledge. Right now, I'm writing a paper on this, so I have fleshed out some of my ideas, and have a few more. Here they are: Insufficiency of Moral Testimony Some people may… Continue reading Duties to Acquire Knowledge 2.0

Open-Source Publishing Op-Ed

Welcome to Tuesday! To take a break from the bioethics bummers that have been my posts for the last few weeks, this is an op-ed I wrote on Open-Source Publishing in academia last semester. 🙂 A Defense of Open-Access Publishing Open-access scholarship is a requirement if we want to produce and use objective knowledge in… Continue reading Open-Source Publishing Op-Ed