Duties to Acquire Knowledge 2.0

Many moons ago now, I wrote this little piece, on a few reasons why I think we have a┬ámoral duty to acquire knowledge. Right now, I'm writing a paper on this, so I have fleshed out some of my ideas, and have a few more. Here they are: Insufficiency of Moral Testimony Some people may… Continue reading Duties to Acquire Knowledge 2.0


Why Inaction is Action

One of the goals of developing an ethical system is usually that that system will be internally consistent. Another is that it will provide a map for making decisions in the moral sphere that will not lead to two different decisions. However, that does not mean that it always ends up with the same decision,… Continue reading Why Inaction is Action

What Women Owe to Men

Literally nothing. The end. (But I'm going to engage anyways, so read on.) ~~~~ *Trigger Warning*: This blog made me feel creepy all over just writing it. Please take care of yourselves and don't engage if you can't. I won't mind. ~~~~ There's been a lot of talk recently in the wake of the Toronto… Continue reading What Women Owe to Men