Nudging and Social Media

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In the past, I've talked about "Nudging" and how it relates to paternalism. As a brief rundown, "nudging" (or libertarian paternalism)  is the idea that we can change people's behaviors using "choice architecture" and other psychological tricks to do what we want them to do. In public health, this might look like making healthier choices… Continue reading Nudging and Social Media

The Ethics of Harm Reduction

Welcome back to Moral Guillotines! Still following up from a lovely time at the Canadian Bioethics Society Conference in May, here is my take on harm reduction ethics in healthcare. When it comes to the discussion of harm reduction in the medical field- particularly in hospitals, I believe that there are really two questions at… Continue reading The Ethics of Harm Reduction

How to Promote Autonomy

In the past, I've discussed a number of issues related to paternalism, autonomy, and end-of-life decision making. These are all challenging subjects, where determinations need to be made by individuals and their families, as well as by governments about what sorts of decisions should be made available to people, and what decisions individuals can make… Continue reading How to Promote Autonomy

Truth in Context

One of the most basic moral concepts that children are taught from a young age is that "lying is wrong", of course, we see as we age that lying is completely social acceptable, and at times socially required. As moral philosophers, we understand that we should lie if it will protect someone from bodily harm,… Continue reading Truth in Context

When Freedom is not Free

We've been talking a lot about freedom, whether or not freedom exists, the freedom to exercise one's autonomy, and to be free from paternalistic influences. I've argued in the past that generally speaking individuals should be able to choose the way their lives go, even if others don't agree with their choices, and even if… Continue reading When Freedom is not Free

Moral Philosophy and Cats Pt. 2: Schroedinger’s Paternalism

Today, we are not going to be talking about cats (Sorry guys!). Instead, we are going to be talking about paternalism, and ways of being paternalistic (perhaps while not being paternalistic at the same time!). One of the reasons I shied away from making any sweeping statements about the nature and permissability of paternalism when discussing… Continue reading Moral Philosophy and Cats Pt. 2: Schroedinger’s Paternalism

Moral Philosophy and Cats

  Okay, so I had to do this one, because cats. The internet loves cats! These are my cats:         Auri and Luna. I love them very much. But you might be asking, "Hey! What does this have to do with Moral Philosophy?" Honestly, I'm not 100% sure, but maybe we'll get… Continue reading Moral Philosophy and Cats