Rawls and Robots

John Rawls is perhaps the most influential political philosopher since Plato. His works (but mainly the flagship A Theory of Justice), have influenced government policy and thought throughout the world. In many ways, his ideas are great. He supports the idea that all citizens should have their basic needs met. He believes that inequality in incomes should… Continue reading Rawls and Robots


A Speech Against Doug Ford

Today, I attended the Ontario General Strike Protest against Doug Ford's government. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a video, but this is  a transcript of the speech I gave:   I am here because I want us to think today, about what the purpose of government is, about why we want to be governed.… Continue reading A Speech Against Doug Ford

On the Permissibility of Violence

In general, we think that violence is a bad thing. We think that we should not wage wars, we should not injure people, and we should not say mean-spirited things. This is because all these things are acts of violence on various scales, and because acts of violence cause harm to others, and sometimes, also… Continue reading On the Permissibility of Violence

The Ethics of Compromise

Welcome back to Moral Guillotines, and to 2019. The world is still a trashfire. BUT it is at least still a trashfire in interesting, philosophically relevant ways, which is something. Today, I was prompted to explore an area of ethics that I will call the ethics of compromise/negotiation. This is for a number of politically… Continue reading The Ethics of Compromise

When the Whole World is Drowning

So, the world is a trashfire. I mean, it seems like its been that way for a while, but in recent weeks the flames just keep getting hotter and closer to home. It seems like people are caring less and less about morality, and less and less about each other. Hannah Arednt wrote about the… Continue reading When the Whole World is Drowning

The Morality of Voting

So this is a couple weeks late, but I have feelings about the recent Ontario election. This isn't the place for them though. You can read them here instead. What I am going to talk about here is ethics & moral philosophy, because that's what this place is for. Now, I heard and saw a… Continue reading The Morality of Voting

The Problem of Consequences

Our understanding of morality often comes out of certain intuitions that we have, but this is problematic when our intuitions differ, or when we are not actually aware of what our true intuitions are. Some of these problems can be solved by the  field of moral psychology, where empirical studies are undertaken to attempt to… Continue reading The Problem of Consequences

Ethics of Language

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post that touched on some LGTBQ+ issues, and used terminology like bisexual and pansexual. I used them interchangeably because many people believe they are interchangeable, and that the definition of bisexual is attracted to two or more genders, while pansexual means that you are attracted to people regardless… Continue reading Ethics of Language

Holding Robots to Higher Standards

By now, you have probably all heard about the first pedestrian death caused by a self-driving car. It happened last week and let's just say that everyone is now a reactionary. The Reactions In response to this fatality a number of things happened. Uber pulled their other self-driving cars from cities around the world. People are… Continue reading Holding Robots to Higher Standards


All issues touch each of us in some way- if only indirectly, or if only because you alone are exempt from the consequences. Ethics and philosophy necessarily arise as a result of the questions that simply come upon us as we live our lives. They are the answer to the story- the teleology behind the… Continue reading Ungovernable