Quality vs. Quantity at the End of Life

Welcome back to the final pre-PhD Moral Guillotines! This will be my last post until mid-September, but I promise I'll be back soon. On that note, today's post will be about death. As humans, we generally like to avoid unpleasant things. Some of these things are concrete, like harm, some of these things are social,… Continue reading Quality vs. Quantity at the End of Life


Better than we Are

Aristotle was the first (known) philosopher to posit that we can become better people. He thought we could do this by modifying our actions in such a way that acting morally became an unconscious habit, and that we could know what morality was by watching paragons of virtue and imitating them. Now, the interesting things (for today's… Continue reading Better than we Are

Moral Philosophy and Cats

  Okay, so I had to do this one, because cats. The internet loves cats! These are my cats:         Auri and Luna. I love them very much. But you might be asking, "Hey! What does this have to do with Moral Philosophy?" Honestly, I'm not 100% sure, but maybe we'll get… Continue reading Moral Philosophy and Cats