Paradigm Shifts: A torturous case example

The use of technology increases our abilities, broadens our conceptions of how society and work should be organized and accomplished, and requires careful attention to future possible future consequences. It also requires us to revise our definitions and paradigms. I've talked before about different aspects of how technology requires us to refine our ethics including… Continue reading Paradigm Shifts: A torturous case example

AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

An ethics report was recently published by the AI Now Institute looking at some of the ethical problems that still exist with AI, which are not being considered by tech companies, nor enforced by governmental agents. The paper divides the ethical issues caused by the proliferation of AI into 4 broad categories:¬†Labor and Automation, Bias… Continue reading AI Ethics: On the invisibility and reproduction of bias

CRISPR: Weighing Unknown Outcomes

A few weeks ago, this position paper was published by The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Workgroup on Human Germline Genome Editing¬†on the subject of human germline editing. Germline editing, made (possibly) easy with CRISPR Cas9 technology, raises new ethical dilemmas about the way we interact with reproduction, disability, and genetic destinies. Some of… Continue reading CRISPR: Weighing Unknown Outcomes